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Bombardier is set nearly two hundred years into the future.  Under the narcissistic control of Dunk’s clone, mankind has taken a turn for the worse.

Dunk III is scheduled to take command of the United Guild, which now rules the planet and any others they can get their hands on.  Ark and Lexie left a legacy in the form of kids who inherit leadership of the Bombardier forward army.  Ark III is due to take the helm, but he’s not sure where Dunk’s insanity has led them.

The spaceships are awesome.  In fact, they’re so cool everyone should have one in the same way we all deserve a puppy.  You’ll see what I mean when you read the book.  I’m loving this.  I get to include every cool thing I ever liked – cryogenics, cloning, superior troops, drones, droids, genetic warfare, transformed humans and badly behaved aliens.  What’s not to like?

There’s one remaining person from the original team who hasn’t got around to dying yet – Tank.  That deck ape is now a Bombardier who’s outlived four wives.  As you can imagine he’s taking it all in his long and somewhat dour stride!

Ark III and Dunk III are not entirely a chip off the old block, plus we have a whole new battle team to work with.  The politics on earth are complicated thanks to the ruthless nature of the United Guild, but not everyone on earth is happy with Dunk’s law and renegades are raising hell.

Alien planets, different cultures, wild tech, weird species and a new regime ruling earth.  This is wild sci-fi!  It took a while to build the new world and I have a notebook filled with scribbles, charts and strange diagrams . Now I’ve got it fixed in my head I’ve become obsessed.  The United Guild, Bombardiers, Navigators and living ships are so crazy the story is practically writing itself.

I’m over 20,000 words in and if I wasn’t in Texas for the next few weeks, I’d be done by early July.  However, I do need a break.  Not that I won’t be writing while I take a road trip around the backwaters of Texas!  I’m still anticipating a July release date.

I also dropped more of Battlefront down, but I’ve decided to collapse the last planned two books into one.  Now the last book in Eden Lost is Divine Death.  I’m around half way complete with Divine Death.  I don’t really want to let the Horsemen go so I’m taking my time.  I want them to end as strong as they’ve been throughout the story and I’m sure the ending will surprise you.  Ip, or Death as she is really known, proves herself in ways I didn’t know she would.  The final cover for Eden Lost is below.

Well, I’m off on holiday, but rest assured I’ll be tapping away adding more chapters!



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