Bombardier Trilogy is Available!

Well, I might have missed Christmas, but at least I’ll see the New Year!

The complete Bombardier Trilogy has just been released.  Full of crazed aliens and equally psychopathic heroes, I’m not sure which side are worse!  I had a great time exploring the universe and I hope you do too!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! All the best for 2017!

Here’s the blurb:

What happens when all of your leaders are psychopaths?

Ark is the Commander of the Bombardiers, the transformed soldiers working as the United Guild’s army in space.  Two hundred years earlier, aliens used mankind’s own DNA to destroy Earth.  Now, the Bombardiers hunt for the enemy aliens, destroying them wherever they are.

Ark is preparing to take over the Bombardier army.  Traveling with his mentor, Tank, he discovers the Guild is committing genocide against any planet with even a hint of enemy DNA.  Learning he is part of a tyrannical empire, he must decide whether to start a war against Earth.

Armed with advanced weapons and ships, Ark finds out Dunk hasn’t been idle.  Hopelessly outnumbered, Bombardiers take on the Navigator fleet with devastating consequences.  An epic space war begins.

Book Three: EMPIRE
Both sides have made a mistake by forgetting their true enemy.  Earth is once again under attack, but Ark is in another galaxy looking for a solution.  The true face of the enemy aliens is revealed, proving they have all been taken for fools.

Bombardier is an epic fight for control of the Universe, filled with alien species, cool technology and politics.

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