Divine Death – finally published!

The last book in the series is a zinger.  It finally pulls together the entire story, explaining why the virus erupted.  I enjoyed writing this book, even though I knew it was the last one.  I’m going to miss the gang, they were a lot of fun.  That said, I make no promises not to bring them out again for the occasional argument with hell, after all the Devil never dies.

I tried every crazy fun thing I could think of in this series.  Every form of demon, every type of haunting, not to mention all of the best weapons.  I loved playing Ruler and the Horsemen.  One day while I was writing Divine Death in a cafe, I found myself chuckling at some of their idiocy.  An elderly woman who had been sitting opposite me at another table walked over on her way out.  She thanked me for the company, saying she’d enjoyed watching me laughing by myself.

That’s the thing about being a writer, we’re so busy amusing ourselves in our little worlds that we look crazy.  It’s not our fault, there are people talking in our heads, playing out the scenes we’re writing about.  It’s like playing the SIMS, except there’s no limit as to what they can do.

I need to finish the Bombardier series so I’m thinking of writing the next two books in one run.  If I do that I’ll probably just release them as a trilogy and not separate books.  I’m also pondering what to write next.  I could continue with Bombardier or launch off in some other crazy direction.  People ask me if I’ll ever run out of ideas and I never will.  What I like to do is test myself.  I wrote Twisted Daze to write solely from the female POV (if you’ve read the book then you’ll know it doesn’t quite work out that way by the end).  In Time to Die I was playing around with the logic of time travel.  Navigator was imagining the kind of tech that could change the dynamics of current warfare.  Bombardier plays with space travel and the concept of alien planets.

Every time I start a story I have to work through the logic.  In Hunter Wars I built an entire platform of rules around the hunters, Devil, demons and, of course, the Horsemen.  It was a huge amount of fun.  So, when I think about the logic of robots, artificial intelligence, definition of species, awareness and superiority, I’ll have to build a logic for that.  Alternatively, I’m also amused by capabilities of the mind and physical transformations.  What if our brains can do more than we know or it’s possible to morph into something else?  I read the other day that the first full head transplant is planned. How does that work?

I hope you have as much fun with Divine Death as I had writing it.  Ip finally gets her vote and the results are surprising.  As Gears always said, she’s the wild card.

Here’s the blurb.

“Fed up with man’s cruelty and stupidity, Pax demands they rule again, leaving Ip out in the cold. When the young Horsemen argue the toss, Gears, Pax and TL must find Ip to conclude their epic fight with Ruler. Finally understanding why the hunters were needed, they learn their true role in the universe.

This is the last book in the Hunter Wars and Eden Lost series.

As a thank you to all of the readers who have followed this epic tale, for a limited time we’re offering Divine Death at the lowest price possible, which is 99c. It’s been a great ride and we hope you’ve enjoyed it.”


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