Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Christmas is cancelled in my house.  Between work and finishing Bombardier there’s no time for tinsel and eggnog!  So, I’m all about the “bah humbug” this year. Call me the Grinch!

Bombardier is in edit and I’m trying to have it out for the New Year.  If not, it won’t miss by much.  I’ve gotten to that stage where my head has moved on, so I’m already thinking about robots gone bad.  You’ll see what I mean when you read Bombardier.

When I was a kid they assured me we’d have robots by now.  The whole “mech” genre thing tends to get a bit silly.  I’m old school when it comes to bots.  Asimov’s take on our future was so much more than robot soldiers.  Sure, they can be that, but let’s not only turn them into mechanical toys.  They’re not windups! 😉

So, while I work and edit, my head is already filling with a new universe, one where mechs are playing out computerized human emotions with devastating consequences.  What if we created something superior to ourselves?  What if it didn’t like us?  Can we defeat our own creation?

Thank you for staying with me this year.  Your support inspires me to create more worlds and wild stories.  Have a great Christmas and awesome New Year!  I’ll be dreaming of Droid Wars!

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  1. Can’t wait to read more from your imagination!! Merry Christmas and Happy New year anyhow. Hugs and don’t work to hard.

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