WarriorSR is published!

We just hit the publish button on WarriorSR and it should be available on Amazon, iBooks and B&N over the next day (check the links below for the sites).  You’ll notice we had to change the name from BattleDroid to WarriorSR (stands for Warrior Service Robot).  We didn’t know it, but apparently the word “droid” and “battle droid” are copyrighted.  Unfortunately, we had hit the “publish” button with the original title and had to wait until it was “live” on our bookshelf to unpublish it (it takes a few hours).

Some of you managed to grab a copy of the trilogy before we managed to unpublish (That was super fast!).  For anyone who bought the book with the original title, please don’t buy it again.  You can return it and buy the version with the revised title.  Other than the change to the term “BattleDroid” in the book, the entire story and contents are the same.

Now we’ve finished WarriorSR, I think there is one more trilogy to complete this epic story.  I’ve promised to write a book for a literary agent next, but after that we’ll see what new madness I can unleash on an unsuspecting world!

We hope you enjoy WarriorSR and here’s the latest blurb for the trilogy:

It’s a bad day when death is the only way to win a war.

Earth is made up of humans, Bombardiers and alien allies.  Eager to shore up control the Empire is bringing dead planets to life, while the Forward Fleet explores new galaxies.  Ark Four is destined to lead the Empire to the next level, but as they find new enemies will there be anything left of it?

Book One: Machine Made
Under the leadership of Ark Three and Dunk Three mankind is colonizing the Galaxy, while their sons explore new ones.  An enemy has been lurking in the background, one they never knew was there.  The universe erupts into a deadly war no one saw coming.

Book Two: Robot Rising
Determined to find his lost crew, Ark Four goes where even planets fear to go.  Unprepared for a fight on their own turf Ark Three and Tank are at war with the machines.  While the Forward Fleet fight their way back to Earth, what will be left of their home planet?

Book Three: Earth Born
Ark Four has brought home the truth and it’s nothing they expected.  The laws of the universe are turned upside down when their enemy declares all-out war.  Ark Four is the cause, but no one knows why.

WarriorSR is another exciting life and death battle challenging the rules of universe.  A wild ride filled with mad twists, lunatic aliens, cool tech, and a squad that never quits until the job’s done.




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