WarriorSR: Machine Made

It’s 2017 and I’m already writing my next book.  It’s another leap forward in time and tech.  Just for fun I’m exploring dark matter and voids in space.

Have you ever seen a simulated view of how the universe is structured?  Galaxies live inside of filaments that are really streaks of dark matter.  Around those are voids they believe are filled with gas and metals.  Every so often a sun is dragged into black holes in the middle of a galaxy, throwing another planet into the voids.  It’s a weird system that reminds me of a cellular life form where planets are cells.

It makes me wonder what’s inside of dark matter and voids.  By math alone we know the space exists, but we don’t know what it is.  In a simulated view it looks like a living organism.  What if the universe is alive?  If so, what exactly is it supporting?  Our tiny planet is one inside of millions of galaxies.  You know we can’t be the only life out here, even Stephen Hawking says so.

In the WarriorSR Trilogy the Forward Space Corps, led by our next generation of leaders, is in another galaxy exploring and exploiting anything they find.  Something has gone badly wrong on Earth.  People are dying or more likely being murdered.  Byte is somewhere in the mix.  Tank and Dunk Three are trapped on Earth fighting an enemy they don’t understand.  Ark Three is desperately pulling together an army to take back Earth.  This time the universe is at war, but it’s not entirely clear where or what the enemy is.

Book one, Machine Made, should be out in February 2017.  The full trilogy will follow a few months later.  Although I might still give each new series a single tour in Kindle Unlimited, all of the books are available on Amazon, iBooks and Google Play.  Bombardier landed with a huge splash and WarriorSR will pick up where it left off.

I’ll be back next month, hopefully with a confirmed release date!  In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview at the cover.

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